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1  RantMedia Projects / pa1n Magazine / Re: PA1N 19 submissions and FAQ -includes where to send submissions to!!!! on: March 18, 2011, 10:02:47 pm
I sent you a PM w/ all my contact info on the evening on Fri/march.18/2011.

Would like to share some of my ideas w/ you and your partners/staff.

take care, talk soon.

- Gator Valle

2  RantMedia Projects / pa1n Magazine / Re: PA1N 19 submissions and FAQ -includes where to send submissions to!!!! on: February 20, 2011, 03:27:37 pm
It's been a few months since I've last checked up on this thread.

I and a few other writers who I work with are still very interested in contributing materials for up coming issues, would it be at all possible to have one of the editors from pain magazine post an update of some kind.


3  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 04, 2011, 07:55:25 pm
I would have a beer with you any time in person Gator...

but on the interwebs, I E-hate you.  Grin

I can't even force myself to read your posts anymore. Sorry. Good luck to you, man.

hahaha right on man, cheers.
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Post your Sci-Fi for free.

No. I tend to write and keep or write and show a few, sell a few, but nothing ever free in the public domain, I'm greedy and too poor to care about how others feel about my way of showcasing my works. I'm one of those writer's writer. The kind that checks the change slots of payphones in malls while I'm doing banking stuff and in hospitals while visiting my mum. I steal napkins from tim hortons and I don't buy a fucking thing, instead I ask for a hand full of creamos and shotgun those on my way to the bustop. I used to buy zigzags rollies and a pack of smokes, break my smokes and roll two little smokes giving me 40 smokes for the price of now mate, no free cyberpunk stories.

Get Rosetta Stone.

I do have it, it's borrowed and I have yet to install the shit.

Cut up not across.

No idea what that means man.

Stay off my lawn.

hahah no doubt.

5  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 04, 2011, 05:48:45 am
They interviewed Obama's grandmother and she said she was there when he was born in KENYA. There is a large group of people simply asking for ANY valid copy of his birth cert. Its not out there because it doesn't exist. I need more documentation to get on a plane than he had to become PRESIDENT.

051r15 is saying that
If we have a foreign born dictator at the helm, it has everything to do with the fact that our sovereignty and liberty is being traded for corporate profit and gain, especially when it pertains to globalization.

I'm talking about the actual body that is filling the position of "president in chief". Where you guys see and say, He's kenyan there fore "this" and "that" I'm saying, the "person's place of birth" or skin color doesn't mean jack and what a better way to throw people off their movement than by propping up these false visual distractions. Let's say, the person in the big seat was from Australia and female, but steering the country down the same bumpy ass road..would you still be focused on the colour and birth certificate or at how bad the driving is or at what going on outside of the windows?

My point is that, it could of well been a blind guy from the mid-west who was hand picked to be the puppet head, but the focus shouldn't be on the puppet, but the stage and the hand it self. I don't know how else to really simplify my point. I'm sure you guys know what I mean though, there's no way I can make it any clearer. We all agree that the guy in the big seat is a puppet nay? so what's the point of shedding any further light of where the puppet was created, made or country it came from? It's wasted energy, wasted matters, sure. Of course it does matter, but not as big of an importance as we're being lead to believe. Disagree w/ me or not, I'm just making it clear to everyone that there's too much emphasis being put in the wrong kettle.

It's a "hey look at this guy" everyone look over here at this guy and don't worry about so much about the group of guys around him, just keep looking at this guy we got. That's my take on the whole birth angle. Like I said, I'm not saying it's not a part of the equation, nor am I saying that it should be pointed out...I'm saying it's a sucker punch to stun everyone for a long ass time, and so far it seems to be working..well at least from my perch up here in cozy cold Canada.

Another thing, I'm not pointing it out to fight about w/ you guys, I'm pointing out because I don't think anyone has brought that angle up or if it turns out that I'm the only one who sees like that, then let me know. I'm fully aware that one has to be born within the states to hold the big seat, but at this's incredibly apparent that no one w/ any real clout can do anything about it. They've passed go and collected the 200 bucks as it were.

I think that most people outside of the states see it the same too, it became a transparent fact that location of birth in regards to being able to hold the big seat made little noise 12 months into the 4 year gig. know, why still sing that same song,"oh no fair, no fair", when they're clobbering you w/ lefts and rights?

That's all I'm saying.

I don't know, even the definition seems to fit pretty closely to what we have now. Sure we may be 2 years off from actually fitting every aspect publicly but in writing, its done.

Oh no there's doubt that it's getting bad, and perhaps worse and worse..but he's more of a CEO...he may hold the seat, he may be able to do things, but w/ the blessing and strictest of permissions of those who hold the purse strings right?

It's a job just like any other job, do your best, don't step on any toes, feed and support your family at all costs, it would almost be unamerican to do otherwise. Almost. To me, I feel sorry for the guy, that's one life I wouldn't want to live.

Just an employee? Luck of the draw? WTF? Did you have any clue what so ever about anything?

You agree with it but dont care? Really? Thats so nice that you share this shit with everyone on a board where we ALL care.

Saying and doing...two whole different things. Free will or take orders? what will it be? I personally, have yet to come to that cross the way a lot of you guys reply to my posts it's apparent you guys have walked that long road and came out a changed person. As w/ gut tells me I can do it, face what challenges it takes to secure my freedoms and rights, even though I'm up here in cozy cold Canada, but that's my journey, for me alone and I don't expect anyone from the forums to say otherwise. So I guess w/ me being able to admit that to a bunch of online strangers, some of you take my unsure, fence sitting as an personal insult when it's 100% not and that's no bullshit. I'm here to ask questions, find answers and to make up my own mind when it's time for me to walk the crossroads. I got a little ticked off about disinfo comment from 051r5 but I'm not going to hold it against him, how can I? right? I mean shit, I'm a 30yr book worm who writes about cyborgs and futuristic cities..endless possibilities....but when I look up from my keyboard and ashtray full of cigarettes, it's a totally unreal reality. Unreal in that, it's as if some one wrote the script to it. So we have a part to play, some die, some live..and I don't want to come off sounding like movements don't count or that they don't matter, but..throughout history. time after time..I just don't know. So make my replies, my comments and if it steps on toes, so what? I can't sell myself short now can I? would you?

The movement is growing. The war is already being waged against the American people and most don't even know it, or worse, purposefully ignore it if you can believe that. My buddy who is a freedom fighter in Wisconsin, just got his office raided "off the record" by the IRS. They threatened, intimidated, and stole computers from his place of business while he wasn't there and there is no record of it in any public office. They were sent by the governor and in the last week his website went down, his youtube is down, and he is not responding to email and messages. Yeah there's a war going on right now.

I'm fine w/ being able to write and sell fiction and my biggest responsibility is to pay my bills, say my piece w/out hurting anyone or myself for the most part. Live and let live. At the same time, and I know many of you would be more than happy to remind me about how much the founding fathers, the veterans of all wars, the countless of heros who sacrificed their lives to gain and secure all of the freedoms bestowed upon the men and women of the USA...but you got to ask yourself, at least once in the duration of your personal struggle..just how much fight is within you. I'm in Canada, living in a Condo, pet cat, drink coffee, smoke ciggies, live off noodles and grilled cheeses. Is that what I want for the rest of my life?

No, fuck no. I want to enjoy being a successful writer of fiction, I want to travel in peace in peaceful countries...and I'm not naive to think that all of that is going to come to me for free, but at the same time..what liberties I currently do have, aren't that, that bad for the most part. When does the struggle to live become a life of nothing but a struggle? It's like we've been placed in this 24/7 states of hate and mistrust of the neighbors, mistrust of skin color, mistrust of this and that...when's it going to be ok to just fucking relax and enjoy what little we another 200 years? fuck another 200 years after that? I really doubt that the founding fathers would of left the republic up to it's citizens knowing that a 100 years later it would of been sold, why I say that? well..because I think at some point of their lives they had the guts to admit that their dream and ideas for the near perfect and free republic wouldn't be reached within 200 years. I don't think they saw the perfect republic existing in a world like the world we're living in today and what about 500 years from now? I don't know, maybe I believe too much in the world and stories I write, but in my fictional worlds each story starts and ends the same. I'm not writing this to make you guys rethink of what you're all about, but man...this uphill struggle is a trip. That's for sure.

6  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 04, 2011, 04:29:12 am
Listen. We have had a dictatorship since 1933, that's a fact. We still have a constitutional republic at its core, even if it has been sidelined.

I agree w/ you 100% and I think that's true to a certain extent here in Canada, although maybe not as visible as it is in the USA. Perhaps that's even more of a concern, who knows? If the USA had not fought for it's independence from british rule as it did, the historical outcome would resemble that of Canada or one of the other nations within the Royal dominion.

First, your opinion means exactly jack shit. Next, I don't care about your acquaintance with and Wikipedia. Finally, the United States has been controlled from behind the scenes by private banking interests since nearly its inception, and we have defeated the banks before (see Andrew Jackson), and we can do it again.

You have all rights to say what you want about my statements or myself and as such I have all rights to counter your slurs but I'm hardly convinced that this is way to treat one another mate, I'm not here to make enemies or to make troubles 051r15. I've been clear about my intentions from day one. So cut me some slack as I'm only seeking answers.

 Does common decency go out the window towards people who see things differently?, or who might not have the full picture? So instead of being below yourself in your replies to some of my posts how about extending some common courtesy to others who simply might not have the full picture? The whole " aarrgh..fuck you, it's my way or nothing arrgh" routine is old and genuinely boring to come across, especially when I'm in agreement w/ your posts up to 80% of the time. I'm having conversations, not confrontations nay?.

Re: Andrew Jackson: Yeah, I'm aware of the man's accomplishments, but we're now living in times where the world is a lot smaller and a hell of a lot more selfish. The system is, by now I imagine, set up so that leaders like Jackson, Adams, Lincoln are scarce. They must be spinning in their graves. I don't think that defeating the bankers can be done head on like it was done all those years ago, not all, but a majority of today's politicians world wide are in the bankers pockets and that's the truth. Can the banks be defeated again? Sure, but the bankers of today's world are one giant team who don't see borders or flags. The strategies of yesteryear's will not simply not work. 

Fuck you. I don't agree with your ridiculous assertion, and I reject your babble for the unsupported, unadulterated tripe that it is.

That's fine, thanks for being honest?  Undecided

Good, now fuck off.

Wow! Cheers though.

I am talking about the patriots themselves, the gun owners, the growing number of liberty supporters as being the strength of this nation. It's not as much as it needs to be, but it's a lot more than what the Canadians have going at the moment.

Many, many, many Canadians support the patriotic movements and ideas that help create the USA and it's no secret that those same Canadians are easily discouraged to lift a finger for their own freedoms and rights as it's matter of trust.

We trust our government a lot more than Americans trust theirs and for the most part our government does put it's citizens first for the most part, that isn't to say they don't or are not wanting to, or trying to fuck us over when ever they see fit to.

 I admit, I'm a bit naive in thinking that Canada has made my life a lot better than had I remained in Central Am or had my parents tried to gain citizenship in the USA. I'm sure, you too would say, think and feel the same about Canada if you were to live here and again you know...I'm not totally politically active so that's why I'm on these forums you know, to see, read, to learn.

I'm open to gaining more insight, to see all the angles and perhaps at times share what I know to others, even if it's a small but at least it's a step in the positive direction right? or am I an idiot? haha if you think I'm an idiot for wanting to learn more about the world, then yeah, that's your right to feel, think that way. I'm not going to say not to, just know that w/ that type of mentality others won't bother to be open minded and prejudge you and then the whole discussion will lose value.

Yeah, you need to find another forum to peddle your bullshit, fella. Nobody is buying it.

Nations come and go. Societies spring up and wilt away. Civilizations rise and fall. We can agree to disagree man. If you say that 200 years is a fine amount of time to reach the republic the founding fathers had in mind, I can only give you what I've so far learned from historical facts and from different schools of philosophy brother.

Racism exists everywhere. If you doubt this, move to Africa or China or Mexico. Africa is for Africans, China is for Chinese, Mexico for don't see large numbers of whites being flooded into their society, but every white society MUST accept every other race moving into theirs. That's called a contradiction, and it is the only true racism I have ever known.

I don't doubt that racism exists, nor did I say anything like that, but that it exists doesn't prove anything more than it's a silly concept held by those who some how fail to remember that no one has control of where they will be born making the whole argument of these people belong here and those people belong there pointless. Not yet at least, in a perfect Cyberpunk world though.

On the topic of "Cultural differences", is perhaps where I would agree that on some level would make sense to use as a valid platform for discussion, not skin color though.

When you say, you don't see large numbers of whites being flooded into their society, but every white society MUST accept every other race moving into theirs. That's called a contradiction, and it is the only true racism I have ever known. I understand that you're referring to modern day and age and I agree w/ you 100% but you know that that has not always been the historical case. Right? I mean one doesn't have to look that far into history to find moments in time where European/"whites" moved here and there for what ever reasons.

Conquered nations is an example of the opposite point I'm trying to make, yet again, if you're of a mind that thinks that even in these modern times immigration is a new form of conquering a nation, I would even agree w/ you on that point too but only to a certain level as in people come to Canada or America to seek a better life. That's the right of everyone on earth though, would you agree or disagree with me?

If you cannot keep from spouting bullshit remarks in support of Obama, I have to say that you and I are simply not going to see eye to eye, so in the true spirit of things, I declare that we each leave one another alone. After most of the others around here also shun you and call you out for being either a confused young boy or a disinfo agent, you may find your true calling elsewhere. Kindly back the fuck off.  Wink  I don't want what you have to sell.

 I don't really keep up w/ his antics, but when ever I see people posting silly statements suggesting that the location of one's birth dictates one's fate..well that gets me saying that the internet is a wonderful place, but it get's me thinking that retards are out there rolling their faces on the keyboards.

Well as w/ any message board of this caliber and that caters to political views of many.......there's the high sense of mistrust that is inseparable from not being able to see a persons face or knowing their background.

 You may think what ever pleases you to think about me and my statements, comments, questions etc,....what each and every single members idea about me is completely a: None of my business b: None of my concern c: If it does not infringe on my rights or freedoms as stipulated within the rules of conduct put forth by the forum admins and vice versa..then brother, we're of an equal understanding at least on that right?

Yet, to continuously make the suggestion that a member of the forums could be a disinfo agent is something that should be looked into by the admins of these forums because it only gives way to setting a tone that eventually becomes toxic on forums like these where the politics is the main staple. Finger pointing in this kind of atmosphere? have at it hos.

Everyone here is potentially a disinfo agent nay?

I'm not circumcised. There....proof that I'm not a disinfo agent.

Where's your proof man?  Huh

My afterthought on your "disinfo" comment is that I could of not answered and ignored it, then perhaps by not answering that would leave the question mark that much brighter for those we can go back and forth, back and forth or is anyone who registers on these forums and does not tote a m16, an american flag tattoo on the ball sack and think freshly deep fried pork cracklings smothered in real Louisiana hot sauce is haute cuisine not a disfinfo agent fourth reich psy op plant?

Ooooh how's that for a mind job eh? Oooh, it's like I'm inside your brain brooOoOOoO.

just messin w/ ya 051r15, sorry to burst your bubble brother, but I'm not a disinfo agent of any kind. I'm just Gator Valle from Whalley, BC, it up.

Back to topic:

Happy New Year of The Rabbit!!


7  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 01, 2011, 03:52:28 am
If we have a foreign born dictator at the helm, it has everything to do with the fact that our sovereignty and liberty is being traded for corporate profit and gain, especially when it pertains to globalization.

Good thing you started the statement off w/ "if" we have a foreign born dictator at the helm 051r15 because that's not what you guys down in the states really got, ya think?. True that your guys head office is packed full of people making a buck how ever possible and at the cost of the freedoms of the many they were sworn to protect, but that's just "the American way" since the mid 1930's. It's almost "unamerican" not to be the fittest in order to survive in politics, in business etc..etc..

I don't see America as being under "dictatorship", not like how it's defined in any dictionary, although it is being directed/steered/maintained indirectly by a many upon many interest groups....not just one single kenyan.

If anything, he's just an employee doing his 9 to 5 to stay alive, got to have pity for anyone in that situation man, no matter what country they were born in. That's just luck of the draw.

It really doesn't matter what country he is from or what color his skin is. I wouldn't think it would matter if he were a blond haired female who was once married to a former main office holder, but I do agree w/ you in that sovereignty and liberty is being traded for corporate profit and gain, no doubt about that and that's been the case..again..most likely since the 1930's? more or less?

America isn't weak, make no such assumption.

It's weak in a lot of places, like in it's media, it's dominance over the worlds financial markets...yeah, I'd say it's been weakened. If you're only referring about it's military...I would give the nod to the USA, but that's simply because it's military has been kept active in theater for the past 10 years w/ seemingly back to back bullshit campaigns. Like I was saying, it appears weak in some aspects and in others it's still top dog..but for the most part's pretty weak ass.

The American republic is an idea which has spanned several generations, and it is far from being lost entirely, even if it has been carefully dismantled from the inside. Don't make the error of assuming that we, the people are also weak...not all of us anyway.

Yeah I get the idea of all the rhetoric but every nation since nations first became outlined patches of dirt and flags always fail, always fall on it's own foundations making way for new nations, etc..etc..don't really need to dole out history. The idea of a republic isn't enough, it can't be enough and that's by no fault of the nation but of it's leaders and the people, it's citizens lack of pushing forward. Once a nation is set into it's conservative ways, it takes many generations to make positive change. America is around what? 200 years old? That's peanuts compared to the rise and falls of past great nations. All in all, you think that after 200 years America is even close to it's ideal republic state? I don't think the founding fathers of the USA were naive in thinking that the republic would be shaped in so little of time. Hell, racism still exists in the USA and that's no one's fault but of the citizens of the republic not the government.

The corporate media will continue to spin lies into fancy rhetoric designed to captivate you. As for China, it's economy is mostly dependent upon the consumer hordes of America -a situation not created by accident. The very best way to force the global empire into being is to manifest its strengths through the interdependency of simple economics.

Yeah, I agree 100%. The struggle for a near perfect republic is slim, very slim, the momentum has been derailed with so many pity issues. Imagine North America in another 200 years...and something as silly as racism still being around? There's not much to hope for if that ends up being the case.

Yeah, it doesn't look good. As long as we can dispel the myths surrounding what is happening, I think we still have a fighting chance to claim victory over the globalist horde. But, time is running out.

Yeah true man, although time is running out, but it is on our side though I think. 200 years is very short, who's to say that in less than another 50 years it all won't go to hell and what's is left is where you will find the founder's republic?
8  General Discussion / News Items / Re: UNREST in Egypt on: February 01, 2011, 03:08:34 am

This pretty much explains it all.

I would say perhaps 10% is explained. Alex jones makes some pretty solid observations that are more or less cookie cut to suit his show, he reports the doom gloom better than anyone else in his corner of the media and is good at what he does but he also is not to be skimmed over for judgment.

He and film maker Micheal Moore.

back to topic though..

What is happening through out North Africa won't likely happen here in North America for a lot of reasons, the obvious one that I can think of is that we as North Americans, we're just too occupied w/ being on the side lines and would rather watch the world tear it self apart than participate in making the world a just place. Canada is the fat kid picked last to join the team, and will always be that fat kid imo.

America used to be top dog...but now is too soft, too squishy and are picky about where we lend direct help, unless of course it's Israel, which in that case, we're there in no time with handouts both financially, morally, ethically and militarily. America Anyone agree? 
9  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 01, 2011, 12:59:07 am

Obama is the new Chinese ambassador. He is more on their side than he is on the US side. But what the hell do you expect from someone born in KENYA?

I think that the location of the presidents birth has very little to do w/ what is going on w/ China today. That's a little silly haha, but any way, I think that link you posted says a lot about how weak america has allowed itself to become or at least allowed itself to be seen by it's own citizens.

 Strategically, it makes sense for america to appear weak in the business world, but if the USA is actually that weak to the point of making China the most productive/industrial country that is leading the world in new innovations etc..etc.., then shit, that's a case of poor management of a nations interests imo. I think since the loss of JFK, america has lost any real fight within herself, not much backbone remained. Of course, my views come from the point of view of one who is on the outside looking in.

Will there be the return of the once great nation of the USA? Who knows man, who knows. What I do know is that having hope doesn't account for much, now a days.
10  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 01, 2011, 12:41:20 am
I find China to be very fascinating, their culture, their history in becoming a nation. I'm not pro-China, not yet at least. The gut feeling I got about Russia, China, hell even a few other countries that are in that corner of the world is an unsettling gut feeling to say the least. My gut feeling tells me that "the West" is in for a lot of trouble folks, the direction our present history is steering towards is very unsettling because I'm not hearing about or seeing a lot of minor or major changes in steering us out and away from the trouble.

It's almost as if the whole scheme is to lead the west into further trouble and in the mean time, the west is given these distractions, the slight of hand information outlets (TV news, newspapers, internet news, military news, forms of entertainment... all of it)

You're just figuring this out? You really need to get with the program. This is reeeeally old news.

Well to be very honest, I live a pretty quiet life. I don't keep to many circles of friends. No affiliation w/ any political groups what so ever, unless you consider my membership to Science Fiction & Writing forums. I wouldn't say my membership to these rant forums as a serious one as I'm only looking for answers and to participate in what few topics of discussion I find to be of any real use w/in my personal life. Such as this China thread.

What I'm figuring out is that, "this reeeeeeally old news", is happening in real time. As if we've caught up to all those many predictions experts have been warning about. I'm w/ the program, there's no question about that. Although, I think it's more of a deprogramming issue w/ some of you here. Baiting one another w/ idiotic remarks, patronizing new forum members for what purpose?

I'm fairly certain that reeeeeally wasn't your intent though.

So what are your thoughts on China in reference to my post and video clip.
11  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: February 01, 2011, 12:17:28 am


Post your Sci-Fi for free.
Get Rosetta Stone.
Cut up not across.
Stay off my lawn.


I don't understand?
12  General Discussion / News Items / Re: China helps bad standing Europe on: January 29, 2011, 02:35:18 am

 I'm currently studying the Russian Language and have been for the past several months. Initially I started learning Russian as a hobby and to retool my mind w/ a third language. Over time this hobby soon gave way to me actively searching out for a better grasp of Russia as a country. "Russophilia" as it's widely known, is not a new phenomenon here in the west. I'm comfortable w/ saying that I'm pro-Russia despite what others might say, but Russia is one of the most formidable power houses just waiting to spring out of it's long slumber, and they're not alone and it's no real big news that they never have been.

At my most recent language class, our instructor who happens to be a citizen of China and of Canada was commenting about the historical relationship between Russia & China and how it's virtually two peas in a pod when it comes down to how "the West", (which when that term is used I more or less refer to the United States) is viewed by both nations.

Before I begin to write my stories, I always spend a few weeks doing research for my characters, the stories outline, the plot etc, etc... My current Science Fiction story is about China, Russia...that's a little besides the point. So here's the meat and potatoes of my post.

I find China to be very fascinating, their culture, their history in becoming a nation. I'm not pro-China, not yet at least. The gut feeling I got about Russia, China, hell even a few other countries that are in that corner of the world is an unsettling gut feeling to say the least. My gut feeling tells me that "the West" is in for a lot of trouble folks, the direction our present history is steering towards is very unsettling because I'm not hearing about or seeing a lot of minor or major changes in steering us out and away from the trouble.

It's almost as if the whole scheme is to lead the west into further trouble and in the mean time, the west is given these distractions, the slight of hand information outlets (TV news, newspapers, internet news, military news, forms of entertainment... all of it)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This video clip I added to my post is to more or less revisit the old discussion of how Russia/China have practically redesigned their cold war. I suppose that Russia is on the sidelines as where China no longer sees the west as an enemy, but rather as an investment.

I'm learning how to speak Russian, and once I'm comfortable at commanding that language I do not doubt that I will soon after pick up another hobby language, either Cantonese and/or Mandarin.

It's not at all a far fetched, fictional possibility that within 10/15 years from now...the West as you know it and have known it will be a mirage of what it once was.

Here's another little piece of news I think would fit into this thread.

LINK - > China is raising the, "Super City" and most of these newer "Super Cities" are found in Asian countries. The west will fall either in line, or fall behind..worse yet.....simply fall.

13  General Discussion / News Items / Re: John Wheeler murdered on: January 21, 2011, 08:41:16 am
Quote from: Mindgrinder
Well a lot of us don't feel that way.  Are you aware that a Tamil Tiger refufuckingG gets more $ from the Gov than a WWII Veteran or Canadian born Senior Citizen?  We're far too welcoming to strangers when we can't even keep our own house in order.  It's like letting your brother starve to feed the new neighbor who often refuses to learn my language, appreciate my culture, wear a helmet and expects me to look the other way when he beats his fully masked wife or his kid carries a "ceremonial dagger" to high school.  Don't even think of pulling the race card on me - the best part of me is Native North American Indian, my best 3 friends are Bosnian, Chinese and Clusterfuck Heinz 57 redneck.

What do you mean those tigers are getting fed money??? Where are you getting this from? links, hook up a link, links...

Canada's not too welcoming, the number of decent immigrants far out weigh the useless ones (criminals, stow away, walk overs, smuggled.. etc..). My family is a perfect example, we came here legally w/ a few hundred bucks, some clothes, all 5 of us from a war torn country. My dad is really into hockey, so we came to Canada. Long story short.....we're proud Canadians. If anything, I think Canada just has poor regulations set up for those wanting to barge their way into the country, but those who come here legal can't group them up in the same batch.

No race card here mate haha, I see where you're coming from but I'm hard pressed to agree w/ you in that all new comers should be automatically written off as being bad apples, that's simply not the case in the real world.

In regards to those who come here and don't "get" Canadian enough for you...I don't think there's much reason to quip about it since I'm fairly certain a good percentage of them are here to perhaps provide a better life for their kids, much like my parents did. There's a difference between learning the language and speaking the language w/ an accent, as long as you're able to understand one another.

What exactly is a Native North American Indian, you a card carrying member on a reserve or what?

I'd appreciate it if you stayed off my lawn.  I'ma ask u polite like - the Canadian way.
Please be mindful of the "Dog Will Bite" sign at the beginning of the driveway.

Yeah but that applies to anyone and no one in particular though Grinder, criminals wanting to break into your house, teenagers drunk walking around, even

It's a trap.

How is it a trap? It's a double edge sword, that's for certain's not there as a trap unless you let yourself get trapped. Everyone is free to make choices and decisions, to each their own in this case. Being homeless sucked man ahha no joke, but it was an experiance I wouldn't trade and of course wouldn't want to go through again haha. So, I can say I've walked in those shoes and do have a right to shed some light on the topic w/ ample knowledge, but I don't use it as an excuse to say "oooh, poor meeee, Grinderrr...gimme some change mannnnn, Grinderrrr, lend me a buck mannnnn" there are people like that for sure, I won't argue there, but not all, not all.

The further you drive North in any province the more likely a home will have a rifle.
The primary exception being immigrants who treat a 4 bedroom house like "high density housing" in Vancouver.
(ie - family of 10+).  Foreigners are far more willing to live without the ability to defend themselves I suspect in part
due to how "appreciative" they are towards our government.

Yeah, considering that in what ever country their leaving is mostly likely pretty shitty and terrible governments doing a lot of nasty shit to it's people, yeah not sure of really what other culture other than middle eastern that pack their houses to the gills w/ fellow countrymen..but...they do have the best intentions about doing that though. Canadian 2 story homes are palaces compared to a tin roof hut. In regards to relying on the Canadian gov to defend themselves..I dunno man, speaking for a majority of Central American Latinos...we're keen on vendettas and reprisals rather than relying on official intervention and drawn out forms of justice. We're an eye for an eye culture, I'm sure it's not just us who are sometimes like that though, that's pretty universal.

Correction - MY water.  Not "ours".  I have a well and it's on my property.
You can drink the stuff the municipal government provides for you out of the tap.
If you want any of mine I suggest you bring physical silver for barter and announce yourself in advance.

A well?? Nice! So that means you own your land then? Question about far deep in the soil do you own before they reach that selling price digit? Some of your neighbors might not be so committed w/ their land rights and sell...say that the water table underneath running pass a few lands.....essentially it's subterranean lake right? I dunno man, I think you might be stuck w/ just a hole in your backyard. Yeah....what's your answer to that Grinder? riddle me that batman haha. if it's matter of life and death, I'll drink that Government laces H20 chlorine and all ahhaha. I'm sure you can spare me a bloody cup or two though haha, fresh well water....hmm...good luck keeping that well water I think.

Repetitive NLP:
You are not at home on my lawn.  Stay the fuck off it.

Not sure.

This is the most enlightened thing I've seen you write.  Turn off your TV and work on your Karma.  Almost everyone I've exchanged ideas with on this forum is at least partially awake and fighting like hell to free their minds.  I never really noticed who you were on here until someone called you out for self-promotion and lack of relevant participation.

Yes, I'm a business minded individual, fairly new to wanting to be enlightened I guess, still not sure, it's not like there's  a deadline in changing ones frame of mind. Everyone self promotes in way or the other. I don't even own a TV. These ideas you guys exchange are pretty extreme on the surface, little hard for me to say, "yes, these guys are right and have it all planned out" cause to be honest, how do I know that I'm not the one getting taken for a ride? I'm street smart and that's how I've been playing this game of life for the past 30 yrs so, has it failed me? sure, at times it has, of course, but no more than the next fucker. Is Gator an opportunist, fucking A I am. That's ok, I like to fly under the radar when I first join new forums, besides, I only came on here to find fellow writers of fiction because I was told there were Science fiction and cyberpunks on these forums. Turns out, you guys are more like survivalists and that type of folks, so who knows, maybe I'll stick around and learn something, maybe you guys will learn something from me, or maybe I'm a member of some dark and secret fucking organization steadily implanting myself amidst a bunch of walking, talking and typing numbers. I'm here to infiltrate this little circle jerk session you guys got set up, then again who knows, maybe it's you guys who are running an operation on me. Either way, I wanna see what good being here will do or not do to my writing career. It's all for grabs man, all of it.

What is relevant participation? Peeping out of window blinds hahaha? No but seriously, I'm not here to debate anyone on anything I have no stake in, and so far I've only been discussing, chatting with kind strangers on the internet. I'd be and act and am much the way as you read my words as I am say if this was at your local pub or legion hall.

I study linguistics.  You said "Dunno" twice in this reply and I'll agree.
You don't know.

That's not all mate, on sundays I don't even hit spacebar. You're right I don't know, that's why I'm participating with these colorful replies, you tossers keep hi-jacking the bloody thread. Bloody thread should be moved into the gong show section by now, I wouldn't even mind. John Wheeler is prolly spinning in his grave. yeah man, i said "prolly'.

70 years?  Piece of fucken cake.  The core politicals are planning in 100 year increments.
The Nisga'a fought for over 100 years just to get a tiny bit of freedom from the Queen...that's what you don't understand.
And that's why your a "Canadian Citizen" and not a "Free Man" who identifies himself as loyal to Canada.

Yeah that's my point there chief wellwater, I'm saying when is this good fight we've all been fighting gonna start showing us some results, there are no real leaders left, I'm 30 yrs old now. Where's my JFK? My Martin Luther King? the 1960's came and went, not much really happened. I'm student of history, you guys don't ever get fed up about the lack of real leaders out there to support, all I"m seeing are puppets. World full of puppets and puppeteers. I'm just looking out for myself and my kinfolk at this point. Yeah grinder, I know what your saying but....just seems like you guys, maybe 90% of everyone who visits these forums are too fucking gung ho to fight and not seeing that...."holy shit...the other guy is fucking huuuuuuuge"

Strength in number right? is that what you guys are thinking, strength in numbers? Who knows, maybe I'm needing something tangible to see and hear before I can throw in my lot behind the underdogs at this point in my life. Gotta look out for #1 as my dad says. Too right old man, too right.

What makes you think I'll trust you to defend my rights or country when you abandoned and fled your own?

Well that's the pickle of it isn't it? You don't. But you can fucking guarantee that those are my rights too, I've earned them. Gave up one war torn country for this sweet green behind the ear one you got here, born with full Canadian rights because those before you fought for it and you're going to perhaps one day fight to now maintain them and the shitty part is, you're still not even "free". You might very well "feel" more free than me, "the immigrant" but I got you beat when it comes to seeing the world for what it's worth. Sure, Canada is worth losing your life to keep, but is it worth losing your life if the country is rotted from the top down? The even harsher reality is that, it could of been any country that my dad picked to move to, Canada probably 'seemed' safer and far away from all that corruption and civil war.

Like I told buddy in the previous replies, I'm lucky to be in Canada and that's how far I can see into the future, but rest assured us Central Americans like a good old fashion vendetta, we don't forget any slight or bullies for that matter. There's a difference between turning tail and running when the battle is going south and swearing on what ever you need to swear on and surviving to fight another day. So yeah, I wouldn't place trust in me at this point of my life. That's just me though, second generation Canadian. So let's all hope it doesn't come down to that Grinder, cause I sure do like well water.

The steak tastes much better if you raised the FREE range cow yourself, on your own land, with your own water.

That much I can 100% guarantee.

Carry on..."citizen".


Lucky guy.
14  General Discussion / News Items / Re: John Wheeler murdered on: January 21, 2011, 06:49:15 am
Just a note to those who post Youtube videos. Please do a preview of them to make sure they work in an embedded fashion?  I am finding more and more of them are not working in the embedded context, especially the one just posted above my comment.

Nothing is more irritating than having to spend a lot of extra work going to Youtube to find a video that really isn't in the context of the topic.

The Foxnews clip I just posted isn't a hyperlink, I simply copy/pasted the url into my post. I'll go ahead and fix that. If that's what you meant?

15  General Discussion / News Items / Re: John Wheeler murdered on: January 21, 2011, 04:26:18 am
Getting back on topic...

John Wheeler got whacked.


I haven't been able to find any updates about the death of Mr. Wheeler that offers any new findings or insights. What I'm coming across are just week old reports that are nothing too new to me personally. I won't bother linking them, they're available through you're regular media outlets.

I find the whole situation disturbing. I've written about Mr. Wheeler back in college. There were other odd ball incidents happening in and around the days leading up to the discovery of his remains. Fish and birds being found dead in a couple of states... which is a whole other ball game.

So I guess this thread is about those dead animals too, who knows, maybe it's all one in the same, who's to say? Never the less, all too disturbing imo.

Anyone else been tracking this John Wheeler story? What I know of him is just from the 2 months of me studying his life and career, he seemed as a behind the scenes type of guy. Little bit of a nerd you know. So as you could perhaps imagine, I was taken back a bit when I heard about the loss of his life.

Here's a fox youtube channel Jan 04/2011 update. time - 11min 08scs

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Edit: fixed the hyperlink.

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