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Author Topic: Pirate Party Radio Episode 009: December 31, 2009  (Read 1746 times)
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Pirate Party Radio
Episode 009: December 31, 2009

Download Page:

News Items:

Broadband consumers to foot £500m bill to tackle online piracy
Sent in by adnauseam

Breakdown of the Australian ISP Filtering
Sent in by Daemonkin

isoHunt Loses US Lawsuit Against Movie Studios
Sent in by DC

TSA Threatens Blogger Who Posted New Screening Directive

New Cloud-Based Hacking Service Can Crack Wi-Fi Passwords in 20 Minutes

Restoration Of French Philosopher’s Work Online In Argentina Seen As An Opening
Sent in by DC

Conduit Bans Torrent and P2P Words on Browser Toolbars

BitTorrent Sites May Be Censored in Italy

Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears
Posted in Pirate Party Canada forums by Anthony

Chile Resists US Pressure, Rejects ISP Filtering

An E-Book Buyer's Guide to Privacy

The Year in Tech Law and Policy: My Annual A to Z Review

Pirate Party News:

Obituary of the Founder of Pirate Party Austria

Free memberships Available

Pirate Party: one to watch in 2010

Primary Elections for the Swedish Pirate Party

Free Music & Media Section:

Patient Zero:
Website Currently Down

The Free Culture Game: A Playable Theory

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