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Author Topic: Pirate Party Radio Episode 030: May 27, 2010  (Read 1431 times)
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« on: May 27, 2010, 06:16:48 pm »

Pirate Party Radio
Episode 030: May 27, 2010

About Pirate Party Radio
Your host James O'Brien discusses Privacy, Surveillance, Anonymity, Net Neutrality, Copyright Reform, Free Culture, Free Speech, Patent Reform, Open Government and Pirate Party news from around the world.

Download Page:

Intro Clips

Online privacy on NPR's Science Friday
Sent in by LC

Incoming Messages:

The privacy Machiavellis
Sent in by Mindinversion

In Pirate News:

Irish ISP and Major Music Labels Ready To Disconnect Pirates
Sent in by Mindinversion

Pirate Bay Blasts Irish “3-Strikes” ISP
Sent in by Platon

Giganews Lawyer Says Steal This Film Is An Illegal Download
Sent in by Platon

Understanding the latest Facebook privacy train wreck
Sent in by DC

New UK govt to curb CCTV, scrap ID cards, help open source
Sent in by DC

Details Of The Rapidshare Decision: No Search Engine, Plus Efforts To Takedown Copyright Material Helped
Sent in by Random Hero

News Corp. flabbergasted anyone could oppose "three strikes"
Sent in by Mindinversion

Canadian Government Pays Organization To Troll Political Chat Forums
Sent in by DC

Phone Numbers Data mined on Facebook
Sent in by DC

Firing dispatcher for Facebook drug joke was right, Wisconsin council claims
Sent in by Mindinversion

Australia Minister: Google’s Privacy Policy Is Creepy
Sent in by DC

Hollywood Considering $20-$30 Movie Theater Sidestep
Sent in by Mindinversion

Congress rebukes FCC on Net neutrality rules
Sent in by Platon

Events and Pirate Party News:

PPI wishes good luck to Czech Pirate Party!

Calling all Eircom Customers


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