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Author Topic: Pirate Party Radio Episode 035: July 1, 2010  (Read 1384 times)
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Pirate Party Radio
Episode 035: July 1, 2010

About Pirate Party Radio
Your host James O'Brien discusses Privacy, Surveillance, Anonymity, Net Neutrality, Copyright Reform, Free Culture, Free Speech, Patent Reform, Open Government and Pirate Party news from around the world.

Download Page:

Incoming Messages:

Electronic Frontiers Australia
Sent in by PC

In Pirate News:

UK paper requires free Web accounts; traffic plunges
Sent in by Mindinversion

“Damaging To Culture”, Online Library Smashed By Police
Sent in by cbean

Judge "rejected all of the EFF's arguments" on P2P cases
Sent in by Mindinversion

UK regulator: net neutrality rules bad for consumers
Sent in by Mindinversion

Pakistan scans Google, other sites for blasphemy
Sent in by Random Hero

ASCAP Claiming That Creative Commons Must Be Stopped; Apparently They Don't Actually Believe In Artist Freedom
Sent in by Mindinversion

Creative Commons Responds to ASCAP

White House wants to help you "blog anonymously"
Sent in by Mindinversion

Reporters Without Borders unveils first-ever “Anti-Censorship Shelter”,37809.html
Sent in by adnauseum

RIAA Tries to Get Public to Lobby Congress for “3-Strikes”
Sent in by Platon

Jack Black against Piracy
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Free Music, Media & Software Section:

FBI hackers fail to crack TrueCrypt
Sent in by DC


James O'Brien (Cimmerian)
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