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Author Topic: Pirate Party Radio Episode 039: August 5, 2010  (Read 1402 times)
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Pirate Party Radio
Episode 039: August 5, 2010

About Pirate Party Radio
Your host James O'Brien discusses Privacy, Surveillance, Anonymity, Net Neutrality, Copyright Reform, Free Culture, Free Speech, Patent Reform, Open Government and Pirate Party news from around the world.

Download Page:

Intro Clips:

Julian Assange - Speaking About the Role of Wikileaks in Journalism

Incoming Messages:

News sites reining in nasty user comments

In Pirate News:

Apple tries to patent travel, hotel, shopping apps
Sent in by DC

Defcon contest rattles nerves at FBI, security groups
Sent in by DC

U.S. Copyright Group ‘Steal’ Competitor’s Website
Sent in by Mindinversion

Detergent uses GPS to stalk customers
Sent in by DC

BlackBerry Bans Suggest a Scary Precedent: Crypto Wars Again?
Sent in by Random Hero

Google-Verizon Net Neutrality talks confuse
Sent in by Mindinversion

Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images
Sent in by Mindinversion

Why World War I Recordings Won't Enter The Public Domain Until 2049
Sent in by Mindinversion

Events and Pirate Party News:

German Pirate party plunges into 'liquid democracy',party-plunges-liquid-democracy.html

Closing Track & Closing Words:

Open letter to abolish software patents in Australia
Sent in by Mindinversion

James O'Brien (Cimmerian)
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