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Offtopic/Spam/Flamebait / Re: Can We Talk Covid?
December 20, 2022, 08:46:33 AM
After going to the discord channel I am going to say that is a no. Wont be going back there again.

I am currently pondering starting a media company in this coming year. I can do a lot but there are things like programming that I will need a lot of help with. Not sure if I want to use things like fiverr etc. I would much rather have IRL people to work with but to make it happen you do what ever is necessary.
Offtopic/Spam/Flamebait / Re: I'm drunk...
December 20, 2022, 06:47:00 AM
Getting a GF is an easy thing for most men. Girls are not like boys. They do not care if you are bald, fat, ugly, etc. This is a hard concept for men to grasp. They care about hygene and potential and money (IE jeff bezos). This is great for men but also hard for them to grasp because our thoughts are mostly about face, chest, and thighs.

This audio book is old but a good start in getting your shit together.
Offtopic/Spam/Flamebait / Can We Talk Covid?
December 20, 2022, 06:41:00 AM
I was recently on another forums and they had a lot of flack when discussing subjects they didn't like. They labelled you 'conspiracy theorist' and shut you down. The mods would come in and censor posts, delete posts they didn't like, alter your posts, and other types of forced censorship, threats of banning, etc. The recent CV stuff going on seems very important and affected the entire world (for the most part) and silencing discussion about it seems like a bad idea. Personally I believe in the 2nd Amendment (its a US thing ;) ) and everyone's right to free speech. I would not tolerate that kind of censorship from an American based forum so I packed my bags and left. Some of those members came from these forums originally and have been around since the beginning.

I guess my point is that there is not a lot of activity on these forums and if I am going to start posting here and bringing people over, will I be censored for saying things like Fauci created Covid in a lab and profited from the patents on the vaccine and then posting the links to the proof? We never had that kind of censorship before so I would assume we wont now? Cimm?
You are just in time. It looks like these forums are going to become active again. ;)
Re: Lance.
Blood doping is not a drug. They spin a vial (or multiple) of your own blood until the platelets and hemoglobin separate. Then they re-inject the concentrated red platelets back into a weak or damaged area. In this way they are able to heal injuries and broken bones in a fraction of the normal time it would take.

Blood doping is so effective that they started injecting it directly into muscles and noticed massive growth and strengthening. Then some one got the bright idea of doing this directly into a race horses heart. It did increase the size and strength of the heart but also has a chance to cause heart attacks and kill the host.

Re: cyborgs.
This seems it should only be a personal choice. Things have changed recently and it would be good to mark the differences in the opinions from back in 2017 to today. Today men can be women. You can identify as a dog or cat and go to school and the school is now required to supply you with a litter box. This craziness has even infiltrated the military. Implants should be no problem today. The real problem is actual problems. If you get an infection or need legal recourse it brings in the politicians who see this as a way to make money (for your protection of course). That should lead to a black market for cyborg parts and we will finally be living in a cyberpunk world.

Personally I would take as few implants as possible. The idea of telescopic night vision eyes is pretty cool tho. Perhaps putting your brain in a robotic body is the only way to live forever. Testing has shown that cells in a Petri dish will live forever as long as the waste is removed and it is kept clean. That is immortality. What else do you need? and it even seems we could almost do this today...
The battlefield is always changing in 5th gen warfare. Technology WAS the way we stayed ahead of them. They figured this out and started flooding it with noise. Lots of noise. Even today when someone like the FDA says that the Covid Vax will kill you, still people don't know it. That's a pretty basic story that affects the whole world and nobody said a word.

Look at the Twitter files. Those were released and hundreds, if not thousands, of people should have started going to jail. It never happened. There wasn't 1 word of mention on any MSM or so called news outlet. Instead they reported that Elon Musk censors free speech and which celeb or member of the royal family did what. Total crap.

Personally I think we need to keep pushing forward with new technologies and advancements but there may also be some advantage to using old tech. Dial up was recently mentioned as a method for terrorists to communicate by the FBI? They seem to know it too. People talk about mesh networking as a viable alternative to the internet. What if you could access that from anywhere in the world that had a telephone? We really need people working on something like that.
works but the listen(music) channel doesn't have any music going...
General Discussion / Re: Paging all
December 20, 2022, 05:47:00 AM
I wonder what would happen if we breathed a little life back into these forums...
Technical Discussion / Re: MAGNETIC CURRENT (book)
December 20, 2022, 05:32:21 AM
Ok, delayed but continued.

I found this article related and interesting. Basically it comes down to everything is governed by ENERGY, FREQUENCY, and VIBRATION. This means we are definitely on the right track to discovering antigravity. Now I am pretty certain that it has already been discovered by 1 or more various government entities so I'm not sure you would call it a discovery. Its more like follow the clues a la 'National Treasure' or 'The DaVinci Code' (or Goonies, lol).
I don't know how many of you knew him but mindgrinder/hindgrinder passed away. He had some health issues. He was pretty young and will be missed.
LOL I have to actually embed this myself? Remember forums used to do that?
Is it true that SKTFM has facial reconstructive surgery every few years and that nobody knows what he looks like?
Ooooh I'll have to check it out.
They held me for 4 days in 'the hole' (solitary) with a temp around 40 degrees with out food and very little water until I 'confessed' to being a sovereign citizen which is apparently a $100 fine in this state. I had no lawyer, no phone call, no miranda rights, all kinds of threats and intimidation, and no contact with the outside world. Nobody knew where I was. They tortured me and gave me some sort of drug, filled my cell with human excrement, and told me I was going to die. There was other worse things. Immediately after I got out my small business got a tax bill for $10,000.00 and I had to close down. They stole everything I had in my pockets including all my money, a necklace, and some other small items.

America is gone.

It is long gone.