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Again thanks for the post MikeTheMugger, who posted the video in discord about Issac Arthur's Cyborg

Truthfully, I didn't finish the video. My patience ended at (12:37) but at the risk of sounding arrogant, the ideas presented up to where I stopped watching I already had a sense for the topic and warranted some comment on the subject. What existing augment that is available and become available doesn't really interest me, rather as time marches on, the social adoption of, the scope of behavior  and scale of usage does and how will people react to such changes.

I agree with Issac in that finding a working clarification for what is and what is not a cyborg to important to understand a few reasons, one being how to relate to someone who has had a body altering change that could impact a persons personalty, example being force multiplication (strength, endurance or memory) to challenge existing social mores, Another could be accommodations for harmful reactions that could occur to someone who is not entirely unmodified due to age or attempting to regain some lost vitality. Mentioned briefly in the video was the mosquito ultra frequency noise against young people, loitering and crowd disbursement.

Theoretically Someone who had a loss of range of hearing (frequency) later regained it after some implant, treatment or surgery now has to live with a unwanted hearing intrusion in their senses just like the young people.  Do the people affected by the mosquito noise have a reasonable claim against those who would use it against them with malicious intent exploiting a vulnerability? I am not moving the goal posts on the subject but I think that those who have some change and those who have not changes to their respective bodies are intimately effected by those who do and the creeping impact, specifically the legal protections that can be enforced and the threat of force should such protection be ignored. 

The last idea that would be important to mention would be the adoption of laws (or change of laws and punishment case by case basis) that govern what should done about whom had committed a crime while having been augmented/enhanced. Lance Armstrong who during his career as a cyclist, raced the Tour De France, de Luxenbourg and DuPont races 1993 - 1998, did win the races the he participated in and was later banished from cycling for blood doping i.e Juicing. His record of achievement no longer remembered for his violation of the rules.  Here I find the line between chemical and technological improvement to be at a cross roads where I don't have a hard and fast universal perspective on what I consider to make a distinction between lawful or unlawful for what is taboo and what is progress that has the real potential to improve the lives of everyone and for those who want to compete.
Hey gang,

I just found this link on Reddit today which directed me to;

I was surprised by the steps the United States Government (CIA)  has been taking to invade the privacy of its citizens and possibly others abroad and that the Athen/Hera program has been designed to circumvent Anti-Virus heuristics, specifically Kaperski. To me it is not unreasonable to think other Anti-Virus software tools would be possibly be included in this evasion.

Link above includes further links to Overview, usage and demonstration.

Putting on my tin-foil-hat, other than maybe strange behavior on the infected PC (input lag, upload spikes, or unaccounted CPU usage) it would not possible to use conventional and assumed trusted tools to detect or remove the trespassing software? (McAfee or Symantec etc..) I wonder about mid-level business or Enterprise software as well that would be a target for these attacks such as Quickbooks or Apropos. Maybe the tools are flexibly designed to target both, business and individuals, more reading required and time to reconsider re-installing a flavor of Linux.

I am almost certain that Executive personnel at Microsoft would have some knowledge of is and would be colluding to continue what ever tenuous relationship avoiding circumventing the public at large.

It is not clear where Microsoft's incentive would be to push out a patch to a publicly unknown vulnerability or face possible  some classified obstruction of justice from the CIA. I do wonder who is going to pay more in the long term the Government or its User base?

Gaming Discussion / Skyrim and mods
January 04, 2017, 04:52:22 PM
I don't know who among the Rant crowd plays Skyrim, but In addition to the mods found on One stands out, Enderal, a complete reimaginging and total overhaul of what Skyrim's engine can do, community created, fully voiced acted, free and has slightly higher system requirements.
Hello everyone, long timer lurker, I have posted before, back in 2008. But not much in the way of introductions.

So briefly; 35, Male, Second year student (Was a Fine Art major, now Chemistry). Single, No children. Member of RantRadio Steam Group. Public Speaker and reluctant Atheist.

My first Rant Experience was hearing Smokey and Cimmerian laughing on RantRadio Talk that I found on Winamp's Shoutcast Directory. Listening to Rant's catalog is of the best unexpected surprises that has happen in my life.
Hello everyone,

Cloverfield, if in fact a good movie. I don't know.

What I do know however, is a great deal of fake Cloverfield torrents have started in circulation. It should be said that Digg has had a few storys about this sort thing a while ago.

And on Slashdot.

I have had some personal experience with this. I have seen "fake" and "bad" torrents increase as of late on torrent site including The Pirate Bay, isohunt, Mininova etc...

Particularly when trying to demo a decient R5 rip.

Putting aside the traditional arguments of stealing and the like, I am uncertain how much of this is in fact legal or can be considered entrapment...

Better install PeerGuardian...

I have seen recommendations for using private trackers, which I may agree with. But the question must be asked

Has Paramount Pictures found a economic method of pissing people off and disrupt sharing?