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The Unkle Dak Show

Started by TheCaveTroll, May 11, 2011, 07:52:12 PM

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I just wanted to give people a heads up, I am ripping the audio from the stream and uploading it to unless its a repeat like last Tuesday. So if you are not able to listen to the show during the week, look for the mp3 via and search for "unkle dak."


I just wanted to add if someone doesn't know or see it, you can find most of us either on Facebook, search for "The Unkle Dak show" OR you can find some of us writing long prose on various subjects in the forums via The TUDS website at :)

We always would love to hear your own Tales of the Stupid! Back Seat Drivers 101 or whatever humorous subject you can think or dream up. Come join us!