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76th Street Podcast on RantRadio!

Started by KoBach, June 18, 2012, 04:14:55 PM

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Friday 5:00PM PT (2 hours Pre-Recorded) (Starts June 15th, 2012)
76th Street Podcast (Host: Tony Borer, Jerrid Kimball, Brandon Engel / Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

The misadventures of Tony, Jerrid and Brandon. Three long time friends who meet once a week to tell tales of their shared past, current events and more.

Tony - Remembering everything and having to worry about everything must be a difficult task, but Tony has all his bases covered at all times, and then some of the other twos' bases as well.

Jerrid -The most difficult man in the world, Jerrid traverses time and space to his own world reigned over by strange rules that only he knows or cares about.

Brandon - Found somewhere near the beach, the Good & Plenty of people is at once the most negative person and the biggest ticking timebomb.

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