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Ok I have to ask... Where are all the wogs?

Started by lazarus, February 19, 2013, 10:27:26 AM

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So quiet on the forums lately... so... I ask the question... where are the wogs...

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Actually the story has been the same for a very long time. I've been a rant guy for a long time now even had a three year almost 4 year run with a show. It's Sean Kennedy. 

Sean is this inspirational super storm. He comes in and just with his voice or a video we can get pumped and moving. But he then fades away and for a time we anxiously await his return. Cimm will occasionally fill these periods with blessings of video content but it's rare. I recently as some may have noticed, decided to get more involved in the forms and think up projects. I wanna revitilize the wogs and this community.

Being a wog, or knowing wogs got me through some tough times, now I'm married, father of 2 with 2 college degrees. Sean Kennedy in a big way is responsible for that, but we can't ask him to always be making stuff. But he is the focal point.

It's sad but until someone else comes along to stir us like he did the wogs will slumber... kinda like Cthulu..... Sean is an elder god.



Seriously guys, you can't shake me that easily. :P


good to see a few of us are still around. been soooo quiet on forums i had to break the silence




To the original questioner of the thread... Look around you. We're all around you and you just may not notice us. Even in your own friends and family? And yes, Sean may have been the original inspiration with James's help. But there are more of us WOG defined people, if you take the time to look. :)


I'm just stirring the hive, the forums have been so quiet lately... i couldn't take the silence any longer :)


Too much drama here and I bailed. On occasion I drop in to see if it's simmered down.


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Still lurking.

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And there was drama?


Quote from: Nicotine on February 20, 2013, 10:10:09 AM
Look around places other than RANT, and you'll find Wogs.

I've seen Wogs who were once very active here and then disappeared elsewhere, and their still Wog.  Over a long enough timeline most seem to move on to other areas and leave the RANT forum.  I can't speak for others, but I keep an RSS feed of the forum so that I don't have to actually visit to know what's up most of the time.

Wog covers such a broad swatch of personality types, and there are so many egos among the type of person drawn to RANT.  It would be a nightmare if we were all here all the time.  Make the connections here that matter to you and move out of the forums with them, you'll find a much more productive and positive experience that way.
Quote from: Fire Missionary on March 04, 2013, 09:54:49 PM
Too much drama here and I bailed. On occasion I drop in to see if it's simmered down.


A while back there was just a ton of ridiculous drama and petty infighting, so I started to drift away from the Rant forums. I also had to drop off the grid for about a year to go to Paramedic school. I still hang out with and talk regularly to Wogs that are both in my area, and scattered across the globe. We are all still here, things have just simmered down on this particular forum, but we are still going strong.

Rant has also slowed down and gone on the back burner for Sean and Cimm, which means that there isn't new materiel bringing people here or for people to discuss. Hopefully this is just a lull (it has happened before), and things will cycle into high gear again at some point in the future. But if not, that's cool too. The core community is still Wog and still around, I have been part of the Rant community going on 8 years, I am not going anywhere.
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