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Ok I have to ask... Where are all the wogs?

Started by lazarus, February 19, 2013, 10:27:26 AM

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Do we need a one world government to have one world freedom?


That is awesome. We have snow here in Alberta :(



I have a couple decent HD camcorders, mics and do a decent job at amateur video editing with Adobe Premiere.  I'm out of the Seattle area if there are any wogs interested in starting up a project.

I lack charisma and material, but could probably generate that with some help.  Maybe we could start with a meetup?


Are...  Are we doing a roll call?  Because I never left, but never noticed the attendance check until now.
Hmm...  Can't Think Of A Good Signature...  :p


Seemed like a roll call was a thing to do at the time :)


naypalm - where in michigan are you from?  Grand Rapids area here!


Ziu Echoes

I'm here. I know there's some others that float around and checked by frequently. But yeah there does seem to be a lot of stagnation and death going on the forums in the past year or so.  A lot of stuff just sits unanswered or uncommented on, not a whole lot of new topics springing up either. I'd love to see some more media produced both by rant proper along with other WOG projects. I know I really shouldn't be the one to talk since I don't produce any media. Sometime soon I hope to start producing something however I don't really want to just produce a copy of something somebody either is doing or has done so we well see.


I am the media now... I am working for a cable company in Alberta now.... o_O


well I've been busy moving to Portland OR, breeding and running Datsusara, but i'm still here. what's up lately?


LOL I have to actually embed this myself? Remember forums used to do that?
Do we need a one world government to have one world freedom?


I don't know how many of you knew him but mindgrinder/hindgrinder passed away. He had some health issues. He was pretty young and will be missed.
Do we need a one world government to have one world freedom?