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Bugout Kit 2013

Started by lazarus, September 02, 2013, 07:28:54 AM

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Hey Guys,

decided with syria faceoff with russia, china & iran... i would go through my gear again... here's a photo, missing from this photo is sewing, fishing kit. As well as my new sammick take down bow... & tarp... ill try and add photo's later someone just remind me :)

It can be narrowed down considerably.. as you can see I have some stuff i could probably do with out, extra cookware, collapsible fishing rod etc



How does the cat ride in the bag? :P


lol... if i get desperate... she can hunt small critters... namely Robertson ground squirrels.... If i get really desperate and depending on the situation... you could probably eat a cat if necessary although I would not recommend it, because they eat rodents etc.


Need a big roll of duct tape.


Good looking kit but...

Maybe you only need one deck of cards? and with the map reading book and the field manual and whatever reading you got going on, would it not be better to read, learn, memorize and not have to carry those books around?

Do you have a propane tank to go with that torch or is the torch just incase you come across some?
- Spor out.


Yes, I do have a propane tank, and as for the books, they are books I have been reading,  there are a few items not displayed here. Ill be updating it again very soon though. the kit you see there will eventually be for a small group of people :) It started off as a kit just for myself, and I have been expanding upon it, there is much i would probably choose to leave behind, I am still very weak when it comes to map reading and navigational skills. not shown in the picture is the rest of the fishing kit, my 3L bladder for my pack, my 62" samick sage take down bow, also lacking is extra clothes, bottle of vitamins, food, steel wool, toliet paper, various other items. I am currently working on my new bow, which should be finished very soon, there were some modification that were needed to be made. oh and there are two other knives not shown..


That looks really frackin' heavy.  I would consolidate the tools you should only transport by vehicle.  Get the bag down to 30-35 lbs. minus food and water and add that in as necessary depending on the length of the trip. Add in cold and wet weather clothes depending on expected weather conditions.
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The pack so far hasn't been too bad, I have to agree though it is heavy, i have been thinking of ditching things like the shovel, the french mess kit, reducing the saw to just a saw blade or two, removing the collapsible fishing rod, the books would be reduced to one book eventually, for now I am still learning the in's and outs of navigation. As would the deck of cards.


I recently tested out the pocket pen fishing rod... it works, but I found it wasn't worth the 10$ so i gave it away as a gag gift. Instead I went with a lighter approach and included some auto fishers :)