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Patrolling Season 2.5 The Lost Episodes: Segment 2 - Waterfall

Started by cimmerian, January 04, 2014, 11:54:21 AM

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Segment 2: Waterfall (Originally filmed Unknown)

Ingredients: Turn off the Machines, Sacred Water, Cave Exploring, RastaReborn Sean

The long lost missing episodes of footage filmed after Patrolling Season 2! This segment takes us into the ancient woods with waterfalls, caves and Sean Kennedy!

Note: This episode was filmed in 4x3 480i and has been upscaled to 720p for your watching enjoyment. Also, the episode is subtitled due to the very noisy waterfall.
James O'Brien (Cimmerian)


i miss the show. but on a happy note my hemp gear company, Datsusara, is alive and well and still in part inspired from you guys. if you ever want any gear (Cim or Sean) just let me know and i'd be happy to send some up your way.