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Understanding weather

Started by Sporadica, May 01, 2014, 01:34:02 PM

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Hello wogs,  I am wondering how do you guys tell if there is a storm coming?  I always try to predict by looking at the sky but I can't tell. I figure it'd be a useful survival skill for when out in the wild.
- Spor out.

Ziu Echoes

You want to look for Nimbostratus clouds and Cumulonimbus cloud formations. Also  you want to watch the color of the clouds darker usually means a higher level of precipitation. Also a barometer can be helpful if you look around online and find several different companies offering pocket barometers and Cassio make watches that include them. the Brammer will tell you if there's a low pressure or high pressure system coming. this indicates a storm is coming or is there weather is coming generally speaking.


I find since i moved to alberta i can tell very easily. The first thing i notice is the humidity, then the temp drops, and just before the storm starts i feel wind picking up. I've also noticed often in alberta rain you sometimes get a bit of a dust storm just before as well.

I have seen a few torndado's in regards to what the clouds look like. as the others mentioned you can look at cloud formations. my personal observations when observing dangerous alberta storms is the darkness of the clouds, often w/ tornado's the clouds are almost black/green color, the clouds are moving in more than 2 directions weaving in and out. my advice if you see that shit... find cover. I didn't know what I was watching till after the hail started and saw the funnel coming down. I posted a photo of the event some years ago on these forms...

Alfred Popinjay

I typically use my watch to monitor weather changes. This shows the pressure after a pretty good storm.