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Laptop vs Tablet for Bug out Bag

Started by Sporadica, May 01, 2014, 01:44:19 PM

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I want to have some sort of tech setup for my bug out bag.  A laptop would be nice but then again a laptop is also heavier, runs more functions which sucks up more power, and has a lot of bulk to it.  I'm wondering if there is any tablets out there anyone has seen that would be good for a bug out bag.  I figure a tablet would be good for Geo-location, maps, entertainment and has a better battery life than a computer or at least is worth having less battery for less bulk.  I figured that a tablet can be useful for a small backpack solar panel for when you're hiking during the day.
- Spor out.


Alright thank you, that sums it up nicely.  I think a good net book with a solar panel and GPS receiver would be perfect for me.  I'd mostly be using it for tracking/maps and stuff like that.
- Spor out.

Ziu Echoes

I have to say I generally agree with nicotine.however I do think you need to take into account how you're carrying it and what you need it for That is to say if you're packing it in on your back the size and the weight of a laptop appropriate solar charger for it may just be too heavy with the rest of your gear to be feasible carry. also you have to take into consideration what you're going to do with it are you planning on writing the next great American novel on your bug out or you just need it for access to files. this is just something you need take into account and why you may go whit a tablet.


Get a higher end netbook, even if a little older and put linux on it.  I have a Lenovo x120e, it has 2GB of ram.  I actually have it dual booted with Win7 and CentOS.  I hardly use the Win7, I just have it there because I support lots of Windows stuff but the CentOS runs great on it.  It is very small and runs everything I need.  I also have bootable USB for kali if needed.  It charges fast, but I have not tried it on a solar charger of any type.  Down sides are it needs a water resistant protective case and there is no DVD, but I pruchased a small DVD recorder off Amazon for $30 that works great.  My plan is to get another one of similar capabilities and dedicate it to a BOB.



I am a little torn on the thought of electronics when bugging out. depends on why your bugging out as well. If society was intact id see some benefits to having a working laptop. I have both a laptop & tablet but in all honestly they would be the first things i would leave behind, along with cell phone.

I don't even believe in burner phones as I know how easily they can be used to track you down.  My personal opinion on the matter. It's dead weight. save the space and the weight in your pack use it for extra food, or gear.