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Trans Pacific Partnership

Started by Sporadica, August 11, 2014, 03:51:52 AM

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Has anyone checked out the proposed TPP treaty?  It seems like it's written by a bunch of corporations and in terms of Canadas stake in the deal, they want to remove all of the copyright laws that we are known for.

In the slideshow of 11 things Harper doesn't want, don't get me wrong the conservatives are at times the best for protecting things like this, and sometimes not

- They want Canadian Content restrictions gone
- Criminalize small downloading, way more harmful than the $5000 liability
- ISP's could turn into internet police for piracy
- American Telecom could come to Canada (which I don't understand is that American companies are allowed to bid on wireless spectrum auctions, yet none of them are interested in entering the Canadian market)
(by the way, if you live in a major city and spend most of your time there, go with a small guy like WIND, be the 4%)
- Corporations can make "temporary" copies of browsing history
- End the eggs/milk control scheme, which yes would mean cheaper dairy, but on the flip side it'll mean lower quality, I pay $4.50 for a gallon of milk, Americans pay as low as $2.50, but our milk tastes way better, and we can't sell a cows milk if it's been on antibiotics until after it's system is cleared
- Copyright terms extended.  Canada it's life + 50, could go to life + 70, which is good for us little guys right? but the the corporations can get 95-120 years! then it'll never become public domain

Pardon my language, but whatever happened to people just plainly fucking right off?
- Spor out.

Ziu Echoes

The TTP agreement the most awful ideas for quite some time. As an American I feel bad for all the countries of this is seemingly being pushed down their throats. It really looks like the only people that they plan on having this really benefit is the major corporations. And a lot of it is just the US spreading their shady fascist policy with corporations around the world so they can make more money. And they don't really find it surprising how little is being covered by the mainstream media. The only entities that seem to be covering it with any regularity are alternatives and fringe media outlets not owned by major corporations. Although living near the Canadian border I do remember listening to CBC radio one day probably about a year ago now and they are talking about how great it was that Canada was being let into the negotiations for the TTP. And that's the only time I really remember hearing anything about it in mainstream media.

I agree with you about affecting qualities of foodstuffs such as milk. Canadian milk seems to generally be of a better quality than American milk. Although being I live on the border and work in a big box store that sells groceries I can tell you a lot of the Canadian consumers come over to buy our cheaper lower quality milk egg and bread among other things. So they probably wouldn't have horribly huge problem with it. It is kind of funny however since there is a local regional dairy producer that sells in a better quality milk something along the lines of what you generally find in Canada. Part of this is probably because they're producing it albeit on a commercial scale its how you commercially would have produced milk 30 to 40 years ago no hormones little to no antibiotics mostly raised on pasture/ multi-species hey. Not perfect by any stretch but better. This is typically the only stuff the "locals" will purchase and leave the super cheap stuff to the Canadians bent on coming over and saving a few bucks on are cheap product.