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Vertx Phantom LT Pants

Started by Maltose, August 17, 2014, 07:26:53 PM

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Is there anyone here that has first-hand experience with this particular model of pants?  

What's your impression of them?  Pros, cons, etc.

Ziu Echoes

I don't have any particular experience with these pants. But from looking around online they seem to be pretty solid.

I personally typically go with 5.11 or LA police gear's tactical operator pants. The LA police pants are a low quality pant but that's also reflected in the price being there about half as much.

I would say buy a pair try them out see how you like them. 

Unless you have a super tight budget then I'd say go with something a little but less expensive that you may be able to get two or three pairs of the price of one pair of Vertx.  Your personal budget should always be concerned when purchasing gear.


And solid they are, Ziu Echoes!!!  I've got 3 sets now in khaki and desert tan and they are bulletproof.  You can see the difference in quality between the Vertx Phantom LT's and 5.11 Taclites as well as the Tru-Spec 24/7 Poly-Cotton model.  Beefier stitching, nicer fit, non-tactical looking side pockets and despite the fabric being a bit heavier, they seem to be cooler than the 24/7's that I normally rock (and it's always super hot and humid here in CR).

But because of the different fit, they do run a bit tighter compared to normal pants.  Going for a pair 1 size larger than you wear is recommended by many reviewers online and I can confirm this to be true.  I'm normally a 32" waist with a fairly slim build, but the 33" works perfectly.  I ordered mine online so I'd hate to see what would've happened if I had ordered the 32"s instead.  They are more snug in the bum and the legs than normal tac pants and it does take some getting used to them.

The crotch also has a generous-sized gusset which is nice, otherwise you'd definitely crush your grapes if it wasn't there.   :P

They look more professional than some other tac pants out there and people will notice the look.

All in all, well worth the money and I'm extremely pleased with them.