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Offroad motorcycle trip pants.

Started by mootsland, March 26, 2015, 12:01:12 PM

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Hi Patrolling fans, long time no see. So I'm going on a motorcycle trip in the US southwest, off road most of the time, gonna get messy and I have my choice of pants down basically to two.


These are the two front runners and about $50 is all I have to spend on this (the backup pants will be regular blue jeans)
So if anyone has suggestions on these two or is a fan of anything simular in this price range (50ish) let me know.


Ziu Echoes

I think the Duluth pants my be a bit more durable but i think the big thing to look at is what your going to be carrying in them. I may go with the 5.11 just because i have had some in the past and thay have been good pants. But the duluth look pretty good and and thay don't have these mag pockets that are not that good for anything other than magazine and there not supper great for that on a side note.