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What's it take to get a show around here?

Started by Sporadica, June 30, 2016, 11:52:05 PM

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Hello everybody

As the title says, what's it take to get a podcast/show onto rantradio talk?

Not now, but in a bit I'm hoping to set up my own show, not sure on the theme.  Liberty Radio?

- Spor out.


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Not that difficult at all.  Gatekeeper (or whatever his name is now) and I just had to make a demo and send it over to Cimm to make sure that it was good to go.  We also had to give info on what the show was about, content, etc.  Pretty straight forward stuff.  Contact Cimm (, he'll get you sorted.


It's true!  ;) It's actually a very simple procedure!

If you want to be one step ahead of the game, have the first episode of your show ready for me to hear. After that, I approve it and give you a time slot!

You can either do a pre-recorded show or a live one. Most people do pre-recorded as it takes less equipment and you can do it on your own clock rather than the same time each week.

Looking forward to any incoming demos!

Quote from: Maltose on July 06, 2016, 11:36:43 PM
Contact Cimm (, he'll get you sorted.
James O'Brien (Cimmerian)